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Refractory Testing

Refractory testing is one of the important procedures, which is overlooked most of the times. Refractory lining failures can be avoided by testing your refractory material for assured quality and reliability which is an inexpensive procedure. At TSG, we take pride in providing precise refractory testing which will guarantee that your refractory materials will achieve the required physical properties and assured reliability during the service. We provide best quality testing with our new state-of-the-art lab equipment and API 936 certified lab personnel. Providing material qualification and pre-installation testing as our main focus enables us to specialize in the most common 3–2–1 testing with a quick return time. Keeping in mind the significance of time we offer testing during the weekends to help meet those tight schedules.

Refractory Testing Services:

Pre-Qualification Material Testing – Ensuring manufacturer’s compliance data meets owner’s specifications and required physical properties.
As Installed Testing “Production Testing” – Ensuring refractory installers are achieving required physical properties during the installation process.
Applicator Qualification Testing – Ensuring refractory practitioners are achieving the required physical properties to be qualified to install refractory linings.
Weekend Refractory Testing (Upon Request) – Ensuring our clients achieve the targets even in tight schedules.
ASTM Standard Test Methods – Available:

ASTM C – 113 / Permanent Linear Change “PLC”
ASTM C – 133 / Cold Crushing Strength “Cold Crush”
ASTM C – 134 / Bulk Density Determination “Density”
ASTM C – 704 / Abrasion Resistance of Refractory at Room Temperature “Abrasion Resistance”
Specialized Furnace Firing – Upon Request
Other Specialized Refractory Testing – Upon Request

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