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Inspection Planning & Coordination

A successful turnaround always starts with a well–organized plan. Poor turnaround planning can devastate the schedule of a turnaround resulting in unnecessary cost.

Our planners work with you to develop detailed inspection plans that cut immediate cost and time from the turnaround.

Our diverse skills identify critical paths which allow us to allocate proper resources so that the turnaround is completed as scheduled.

Our coordinators have over 25 years’ experience in turnarounds and understand the importance of accurate and efficient communication skills with the team so that all turnaround activities are well coordinated.

The experience of our coordinators benefit your turnaround activities as we help predict problems before they arise and provide solutions to resolve the issue before they occur. Our team sees this on a continued basis which is why TSG’s goal to create one team to work in unison, became a reality.

Our unique understanding of the challenges that are faced with turnarounds allow us to provide a more organized and seamless experience for our clients so that they may overcome these challenges quickly and more precisely.

With TSG’s highly experienced personnel on the job, you can always count on quality service and thorough understanding of your turnaround activities. It’s always best to have a team that knows what they are doing and has the knowledge and expertise that our industry needs.

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