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Our “One Team One Goal” philosophy begins with safety and is our number one priority. We encourage our team to carry that philosophy through to all specialized service lines to maintain a healthy and safe environment and stand by our “No One Gets Hurt” safety culture.

TSG’s professional staff provides our clients the support they need to successfully overcome any challenges that are encountered during a turnaround. Our highly experienced team, specialized in the refining and petrochemical industry, dedicate our focus on FCC, SRU, Fired Heaters, Boilers Reformer, and Calciner units. FCC turnarounds are often the most costly and stressful turnarounds in the industry.

Our “One Team One Goal” philosophy can provide you with the service lines needed to safely execute a successful, low budget, and on time turnaround that maintains quality standards and reliability of your equipment. Having a highly experienced and knowledgeable team performing your inspection planning, coordinating, API inspections, and refractory testing gives you the edge that sets the stage for good communication and coordination which is the key to a smooth-running turnaround. Let TSG be the solution to your next successful turnaround.
Our Mission at Turnaround Specialty Group is to provide our clients with quality and qualified personnel that will work in unison to supersede the goals set by our clients. We provide our clients with confidence in knowing they are prepared and have the most experienced resources by their side during a turnaround.
Our Servies

Specialized Services for Your Turnaround Needs

API Inspections

TSG takes pride in providing clients with a staff of highly qualified and experienced API 510 and API 936 certified inspectors to execute your specialized inspection needs.

Vendor Surveillance

Our combined team of API 510 and API 936 inspectors can provide the skilled coverage needed for all vendor surveillance and new construction projects.

Refractory Testing

At TSG we take pride in providing precise Refractory Testing that can guarantee your refractory materials are achieving the required physical properties and assure reliability during service.

One Team One Goal

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